Our Team

Innova House Health Care Limited consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. 

Our staff are recruited, supported and trained to:
    •    Treat people with dignity and respect
    •    Focus on people’s potential and strengths
    •    Value each person as a unique individual
    •    Listen non-judgementally to people’s experiences
    •    Be genuinely concerned for the person’s wellbeing
    •    Be creative and innovative when supporting someone to realise their potential.

Our Staff are all DBS Enhanced checked on commencement of Employment with us where they enter into a 2 Year Training Programme after an initial Two Week Intensive Induction process whereby they have taught training as well as shadowing experience with the team they will be working with. We enrol all our employees onto Level 2 Health & Social Care with progression to Level 3 and then Level 5 Leadership in Health & Social Care. Every member of staff also has Professionally taught Health & Safety, Emergency First Aid at Work, CPI Restraint Techniques, Manual Handling, Fire & COSHH Safety, Autism Training and On the Job Guidance Training on Medication and Behavoural Guidance. We always have Senior Team Leaders and Care Managers on Site to Cover every eventuality and we promote Personal Assesment and Job Satisfaction through regular assesments, supervisions and performance reviews.

Please Allow us to introduce the senior team to you:

Emma Goss 
General Manager 


Emma is Keen to Promote the Companies Philosophy of Developing & Promoting Supported Living to Help Service Users Seek to Lead Independent Lifestyles. She likes to spend personal time with the service users to find out exactly what there needs are and understands that sometimes its the little things that count. Emma is Keen to Involve the business in the community and to encourage person centred care with a keen eye for detail she is always happy to discuss Innova and its services with anyone and is very proud of the high standard of care the business gives. Always eager to improve, Emma is very easily approachable and always encompases change for the better with open arms.

Laura Gilbert

Registered Care Manager of Innova CBIR, Woodlands & Elm


Laura is our Senior Care Manager at Innova House, she has worked her way up through the ranks and is now a very highly respected and competent Care Manager. Full of knowledge and advice, Laura is always the first to ensure things are absolutely done by the book. She is highly accurate, extremely vigilant and ensures her services run like clockwork. Laura is the Care Manager for Innova House CBIR, Elm and Woodlands and is keen to promote the highest standards of care promoting dignity and respect throughout. Laura is keen to uphold the Philosophy of Promoting Independance and supports all of her Service Users to aspire to their dreams and more. Laura is always involved in community events and can always be seen "on the floor" supporting and nurturing her team.

Ellie Parton
Day Services Manager

Ellie is our in house Person Centred Planner. Her role is to enable the absolute best chance of experiencing new and innovative things each and every day for our service users to enhance their indpendance and increse their rehabilitaion opportunities.  Ellie works very closely with every single service user devising monthly activity plans, daily work diaries and finding out what it is that every one would like to achieve. She is an exceptional motivator of people and can often be seen taking our service users out and about to the local cinema, restaurants, swimming, farm parks, theme parks, bingo and many more day and night time activities and events. She always has a new and exciting oppourtunity up her sleeve to give our Srevice Users the best quality of life possible. She has a huge loving heart and makes the room light up when she enters. Ellie has years of experience in Managing Tasks and setting up Routines and Activities as well as in house Planning and Care roles Ellie is very organised and keeps everyone smiling day in day out.

Person-centred planning is a way of helping someone to plan their life and support, focusing on what's important to the person. Person-centred planning has five key features: the person is at the centre of the planning process, family and friends are partners in planning, the plan shows what is important to a person now and for the future and what support they need, the plan helps the person to be part of a community of their choosing and helps the community to welcome them, the plan puts into action what a person wants for their life and keeps on listening - the plan remains 'live'. Ellie's work is so important to ensuring that the Service Users at Innove House receive Only the Best Level of Care available.

Shirley Dellar

woodlands Care Manager

I have worked In the care sector for 27 years, ranging from care of the elderly,hospital wards,physical disabilities, leading to working with vulnerable adults with challenging behaviours.
I have been employed by Innova House for just over 3 years,starting as a support worker working my way up to team leader within two months and I am now currently a senior team leader.
I have completed my advanced diploma level 3 in health and social care and I am currently working towards my diploma level 5.


Alan Wilkins

Rowan Care Manager


Coming Soon

Zoey Smedley

Dignity Home Care Manager


Coming Soon

Andrew Southgate
Senior Physiotherapist

Andrew is a senior chartered physiotherapist, working predominantly for the NHS and with over 9 years experience working with clients with complex neurological conditions. Qualified in Physiotherapy with a first class honours degree from Sheffield and a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered with the Health Professions Council.
Holding weekly physiotherapy clinics at Innova House, working with service users on a one-to-one basis, developing tailored physiotherapy rehabilitation programmes. Physiotherapy rehabilitation is important for many of the Innova House service users in promoting and maintaining their levels of mobility and function. Building a professional working relationship with both staff and service users has been key to achieving continuity and the best possible physiotherapy rehabilitation outcomes. Working closely with the staff has enabled prescribed physiotherapy exercises to be carried out on a daily basis by trained staff, to the benefit of the service users.
Also the Manual Handling trainer at Innova, ensuring staff are taught the principles of safe handling and are competent in using the transferring and lifting equipment at Innova House. Training is updated on a regular basis and risk assessments are reviewed to ensure staff work as safely as possible tailored to the service users needs.
I continue to enjoy the challenges and rewards of working closely with both service users and staff, helping to establish therapeutic goals and linking the physiotherapy sessions to promote greater independence.
If you or your family have any questions regarding the physiotherapy service at Innova House, I would be more than happy to discuss these.


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